The new 2020/2021 academic year will start online form on September 15 at the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University. As the Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan Emin Amrullayev said at a briefing held in connection with the organization of the activity of educational institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic on August 27, students studying in other courses, except for first-year students, will start distance education from September 15.


The first day of study for students studying in the part-time education department of ASOIU, as well as at the Azerbaijan-French University and the Industrial Enterprises Staff Development and Retraining Institute will be online on September 15. Being guided by the instructions of the Ministry of Education, ASOIU is ready to meet first-year students at the university following the rules of the quarantine regime.


In order to combat coronavirus in the Republic of Azerbaijan, based on the analysis of the  epidemiological condition in the country, ASOIU strictly following the rules announced by the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers from the first day is ready to conduct laboratory classes for students studying in some specialties by keeping social distance, wearing masks, etc.


After the suspension of the teaching process in all educational institutions of the country from March 3 of the last academic year, ASOIU started online teaching from March 29 after the Nowruz holiday and achieved the highest results in terms of coverage of classes and involvement of students in online education.


This was possible thanks to the Unibook - "Electronic University" system, which was introduced to students and teachers at ASOIU in 2016, the e-book database of “AzII-Electronic Book House”, which has been operating since 2018 and providing access to a large number of local and international resources, the "Web-Audience" system launched in 2019, as well as using the joint potential of the Microsoft Teams platform offered to educational institutions by the Ministry of Education.


After the completion of online exams held in June-July in ASOIU in conditions of high transparency and objectivity, work continued for further improvement of the quality of online education in the context of the continuation of the quarantine regime - access to the Internet, electronic library resources has been expanded, new digital solutions have been developed.