ASOIU represented at the education fair in Sri Lanka by Natik Mammadov

I attended EDEX 2020, the largest educational exhibition of the year, held in Colombo, Sri Lanka's capital on January 17-20, 2020. The exhibition brought together more than 200 educational institutions from different countries.


EDEX 2020 was organized by the Royal College Union at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, Colombo's largest exhibition venue. More than 50,000 high school students, high school graduates, students and university alumni attended the fair. In short, EDEX-2020 was spectacular.


Only ASOIU represented Azerbaijan in EDEX 2020. This was at the invitation of our partner MAS Private Limited from Sri Lanka.


ASOIU shared the same stand with MAS Private Limited at the exhibition. I should note that there was a great interest in Azerbaijan and our university. Every day, hundreds of people approached me. They were interested in all stages of education. Interest in business administration, oil and gas and chemical industries was particularly high. A large number of exhibitors are planning to come to Baku in summer. They stressed they would become ASOIU students.


During the exhibition, I shared a lot of information about ASOIU and Azerbaijan. I hope that I have been able to create some interest in  Sri Lanka to our country and our university.